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Eastern Michigan University’s College of Education, along with the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History have partnered to create instructional materials and activities to help all students learn about African and African American history. The PANDA game is an annual academic competition that combines history and entertainment. PANDA is an acronym for Pan-African Nurturing and Development Association.

Below are the resources needed for educators to host the PANDA games in their classroom. Participating teams will need the rules and regulations, practice questions, and a content packet to prepare for the games. The content packet is a packet of information by which each participating team should study and every question was derived. The PANDA game incorporates African history and World history into each round of play. The five rounds are as follows:

Round 1 – Famous People of African and African-American Origins

Round 2 – All Things…

Round 3 – Speed Round

Round 4 – Geography

Round 5 – Blank Blank, the Blank

If you are interested in participating your school in PANDA, please contact Jennifer Evans, Special Projects Coordinator at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.

PANDA Rules and Regulations

The PANDA Rules and Regulations

PANDA Scorekeeper Worksheets

PANDA Scorekeeper Worksheets

Underground Railroad PANDA Championship Game

PANDA Championship Game

Underground Railroad PANDA Content Packet

The Underground Railroad PANDA Content helps a student prepare for the PANDA games through 125 abstracts on important Underground Railroad people, events, and organizations.

Underground Railroad PANDA Elimination Game

This PANDA elimination game will determine which teams will continue on to the championship game.

Underground Railroad PANDA Practice Game

This PANDA Practice Game is designed to help your students prepare for the official PANDA Games. Please use this practice game along with the PANDA Content Packet.


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This program was funded by the U.S. Department of Education Underground Railroad Educational and Cultural Program.